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Weingut Klosterhof Töplitz

With the very promising motto “Experience wine where it grows”, the couple of winemakers Renate and Klaus Wolenski invites you to visit his Weingut Klosterhof Töplitz winery. There is a long tradition of wine growing on the island of Töplitz near Potsdam which is surrounded by six bodies of water. As far back as the 13th century, Cistercian monks from Lehnin monastery cultivated vines at the vineyard. Since 2012, wine connoisseur Ludolf Artymowytsch has continued the tradition with his team, aided by the mild island climate.

Organic winery

The winery is the first and only organic winery in Brandenburg. 7,000 vines currently grow in the 2.5 hectare vineyard and this is eventually to be increased to 9,000. These six varieties thrive in the sunny, south-facing location of Töplitz: Bacchus, Grauburgunder, Riesling and Weißburgunder (all white) and Regent and Saint Laurent (both red).

Ecological growing

Not using chemicals or synthetic plant protection and fertilisation, as required for organic growing, requires a great deal of expertise. Biological methods help fight pests, papilionaceous plants between the rows ensure enough nutrients and weeds that grow too close to the vines are kept in check mechanically. Our favorite winemaker couple also use cute tiny sheep from Bordeaux, France. These eat bad weeds (and fertilize the soil), but are too small to eat grapes.

Traditional grape harvesting

And harvesting the grapes traditionally requires lots of manual work and trained helpers. The wines are then fermented and matures in stainless steel tanks in the cellar; a selection of the Regent wines mature in traditional wooden barrels. 

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