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Senfmanufaktur H. Koals


In their mustard factory in the middle of the Spreewald  fresh products are processed from the region. Since 1946, spicy Spreewald specialties have been created according to old and new recipes with a lot of love and manual work. They traditionally use natural, not de-oiled mustard seeds.  

Thus, the mustard produced still contains all the essential oils that underline its healing and digestive stimulating effect. 


Mustard and horseradish are biologically related, both belong to the cruciferous family.  

Mustard is mainly divided into three different varieties: 

– Sinapis alba: white or yellow mustard. 

– Brassica nigra: brown to black grains provide pungency with their high content of sinigrin 

– Brassica juncea: known as sareptase mustard  


As a member of the Spreewaldverein e.V. , the compliance with regionality, quality and environmental criteria necessary for the acquisition of the regional umbrella brand – combined with a neutral control – is the highest incentive for them. Furthermore, they are allowed to carry the brand of regionally protected products of the EU for their horseradish variations, which is only recognized for particularly high-quality regional products. 


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