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In the small town of Burg, a mill using the power of the small river Hauptspree is mentioned for the first time in documents from 1315. 

After a fire in 1903, the mill building is rebuilt and still stands today. 

In 1957, the family Kümmel overtook the grain mill and since then work every day to maintain their independence and working methods. 

Grain quality 

Farmers are carefully selected. Only those who comply with the strict quality guidelines are allowed to deliver their grain to the mill.  Several controls from sowing to harvesting and subsequent storage ensure compliance with mill´s specifications.  Each batch delivered to the mill is checked again for compliance with the quality parameters before processing.  In addition, each batch is tested for contaminants in an external food laboratory. 


When processing the grain, family Kümel combines traditional technology with the latest know-how to produce the best possible products from the valuable raw materials.  The grain is grinded very gently and thus avoid heating the products above 30 ° C.  Thus, all vitamins and nutrients are preserved.  Finished flours are stored for 2 weeks in breathable wooden silo cells to mature. Only then are the flours either filled into environmentally friendly paper bags or delivered directly to the bakeries. 

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