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We believe that agriculture can be different.

At Bauer-Direkt we work with women and men who are committed to a different system of agricultural production and food consumption.


Respect for the environment

Short circuit,
local economy


Some of our farmers

Gemüsebaubetrieb Kuprat

Farmer in the Spreewald Biosphere

Gemüsehof Kuprat has been growing our Spreewald vegetables for you for 30 years on the best farmland in the Spreewald biosphere reserve.

Over 30 different types of vegetables are harvested from their fields from spring to autumn. Sustainable cultivation methods and careful cultivation management with regard to soil, environment and nature are a matter of course for them. Their daily endeavour is to offer you the greatest possible variety of fresh vegetables and regional products of the highest quality here.

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Obstbau Riedel

Werbers (Havel) Fruit grower

Obstbau Riedel is a friendly family business from Werder (Havel). It is an integrated and controlled fruit farm that stands for quality, health and freshness of fruit. They are happy to advise their customers comprehensively on every purchase.

They produce a wide range of fresh quality fruit and vegetables. Obstbau Riedel grows apples, apricots, pears, cherries, plums and peaches.

They give everything the heart desires.


Ethnic chicken farmer

Scratching, pecking, resting on trees, flying, all this is part of a chicken’s life. And … our job is to give our chickens a good life – they thank us with their wonderful eggs.

We only keep as many animals on our farm as we can feed from our 30 hectares of land with our own fodder. We keep our chickens in small groups and in truly mobile coops. The hens lay their eggs in “litter nests” filled with spelt husks. This type of nest is particularly “cosy” and pleasant for the hens, but also very labour-intensive for the keeper, as all the eggs have to be collected by hand.

Even in organic hatcheries, male chicks are still killed after hatching. We ensure that all brothers of our hens are raised and allowed to live a happy cock life.

We meet our ethical and moral criteria with every original pasture-raised egg that comes only from our farm.

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Ethnic chicken farmer

“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. This so-called golden rule, i.e. an old and widespread principle of practical ethics, also applies to our animals.”

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Insel Käserei Pellworm

The strength of the North Sea

The Insel Käserei Pellworm has existed at its current location at Liliencronweg 3 on Pellworm since 1909, i.e. for over 100 years. The Hauke Koll family has been successfully running the Ostenfelder Meierei there for more than 25 years.

The special quality of the island milk is characterised by the North Sea air and the special feeding of the dairy cows, without genetically modified feed. Furthermore, the cows enjoy their grazing on far more than 120 days a year for at least 6 hours each, sometimes also day and night. This is no longer always a matter of course!

Hof Stolze Kuh

Respecting the cow

The Stolze Kuh farm is a family farm with ideals! At its heart is natural dairy farming on protected natural areas on the banks of the Oder.
The cows are kept in freedom and fed naturally. And you can taste it in the milk and cream, which taste so good! Anja and Janusz not only attach great importance to the animals’ well-being, but also to a holistic system in which everything is useful and there is no waste. Unlike most farms, the calves are kept and raised with the herd.

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Anja von StolzeKuh

Respecting the cow

“We do everything a little differently than normal and try really hard to show that it can be done differently. This path is not always easy, but insanely fulfilling!”


Grain from the Spreewald, milled in the Spreewald

After a fire in 1903, the mill building was rebuilt and still stands in this form today. In 1957, the Kümmel family took over the flour mill and has been working every day since then to maintain its independence and high-quality operation.

Farmers are carefully selected. Only those who comply with the strict quality guidelines are allowed to deliver their grain to the mill.

The grain is milled very gently and thus heating of the products above 30° C is avoided. This way, all vitamins and nutrients are preserved. The finished flours are stored in breathable wooden silo cells for 2 weeks to mature. Only then are the flours either filled into environmentally friendly paper bags or delivered directly to the bakeries.

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