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Insel Käserei Pellworm

Insel Käserei Pellworm

The Insel Käserei Pellworm has existed at its current location at Liliencronweg 3 on Pellworm since 1909, i.e. for over 100 years.

Since 1 July 2016, the dairy on Pellworm Island has been run by the Hauke Koll family and cheese has once again been produced at the Pellworm Island Dairy. Part of the island milk is processed into various semi-hard cheeses, more or less matured.

The special quality of the island milk is characterised by the North Sea air and the special feeding of the dairy cows, without genetically modified feed. Furthermore, the cows enjoy grazing on far more than 120 days a year for at least 6 hours each, sometimes day and night. This is no longer always a matter of course!

As French people, we are particularly fond of cheese. And I have to say that this cheese with the flavour of the north wind particularly seduced us. When on top of that, it is made by a wonderful family, the cows are raised in the open air, and it’s all labelled organic, then we say yes.

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