Big selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables

Same, but bigger. Your weekly basket of fresh vegetables and fruit, harvested to order from the Kuprat family(KU), the Spreewald Biosphere and Obstbau Riedel(RI), Havel.

This week, delivery on Friday 07.10:

Lollo Rossa- KU - 1,87€
0,8kg green beans
- KU - 5,80€
1kg potato Vineta
- KU - 3,62€
1 pumpkin butternut
- KU - 10,87€
2 leek
- RI - 5,44€
1 garlic
- RI - 3,62€
0,5kg onions
- RI - 1,41€
1kg farm plum
- RI - 4,46€
garlic chives
- KU - 1,27€
- RI - 1,27€

The prices are non-binding, the final weight may vary slightly.
Actual product(s) may differ. Non-contractual images.


Orders until every Tuesday for Friday

Delivery is for Friday, 07.10 between 9am and 6pm.

Don’t worry, we’ll drop the box off at a neighbour’s house and you’ll receive an email with their name.

Every week we collect the boxes, egg cartons and juice bottles from the previous week. The less waste, the better!


Gemüsebaubetrieb Kuprat & Obstbau Riedel

Place of origin

Spreewald Biosphere Reserve & Werder (Havel)

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