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Inselkäse Rungholt

200g, Naturally matured semi-hard cheese from Pellworm

Naturally matured semi-hard cheese, made from milk with natural fat content, at least 50% fat in dry matter.

Taste: spicy to piquant
Storage:cool and dry

Maturity: min. 12 months
Price per kilo: 39€/Kg
Label: Bioland

The piece of cheese that will be cut by us at the time of order will be at least 200 g. It is supplied vacuum packed.


39,00 / kg

Orders until every Tuesday for Friday

Delivery is for Friday, 23.06 between 9am and 6pm.

Don’t worry, we’ll drop the box off at a neighbour’s house and you’ll receive an email with their name.

Every week we collect the boxes, egg cartons and juice bottles from the previous week. The less waste, the better!

Additional information


Insel Käserei Pellworm

Place of origin

Pellworm, Nordsee


Pasteurisierte Kuhmilch,Steinsalz,Starterkulturen,Lab (tierisch),Milchsäurekulturen


Contains: Milk

Nutritional values

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