Kanow Mühle

During the 13th century, in an idyllic forest near to the Dahme, in the small Wendish village of Sagritz, there was a watermill called “Sagritzer Mühle”. Then, the mill changed its name to “Wuschack-Mühle”, a term in the Wendish language. In 1815, Karl Christian Kanow bought the mill and it became the Kanow-Mühle of Sagritz.

Today, the mill exists and still operates and produces in particular the linseed oil labeled Spreewald. This means that the oil is made with at least 3/4 of the ingredients from the Spreewald, and respect specific manufacturing standards. At the Kanow Mill, a neighboring farmer  produces specially for the mill, the seed which will produce the oil.

The oil is still manufactured on site today. And the process is actually very smooth : powerful and beautiful men position the seeds in hydraulic presses. And it’s start. At a pressure of around 400 bars, the oil flows slowly into the carafe provided for this purpose. That takes time. That need patience. 

Kanow mill oil has a cloudy appearance, as it only passes through a filter that filters out flaxseed particles. The cloudy substances contained in the oil settle to the bottom after a calming phase in the tank. When consumed, it should always be shaken a little so that these cloudy substances, which are also very interesting in terms of taste, are used.

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