Bauer Direkt is a (small) team of lovers of good products, inspired by the desire to save the world through the conviviality of a good meal.

For us, eating well means cooking with what nature offers us in our immediate surroundings (the famous "terroir", as we say in French). Nicolas and his team are therefore constantly on the lookout for producers and farmers in Brandenburg to bring the best products to your home.

And since many things are more beautiful when enjoyed together, we share our agricultural treasures with Berlin restaurants as well as with Berliners themselves.

It's easy, and there is an explanation in 5 steps and 1 week : 

1°   Each week, we update our list of product depending of what nature has to offer us this week.
2°   You can order until Tuesday midnight.
3°   After this date, we transfer the order to the farmer so he has enough time to harvest your delivery.
4°   On Friday, we prepare each basket with love and transport them to the pick-up locations or to your delivery address.
5°   Same Friday, You pick-up that. You can drink all the weekend, and your fridge is full.

We always work with producers in whom we completely trust, who work with passion and respect for their environment. This guarantee of quality is felt through the taste of our products. Some producers are working with good sense since generations and choose not to be labelled as organic. Either because they can't afford the costs of being labelled, or simply because they want to keep their freedom, and we respect their choice. 

We will always prefer the small family producer harvesting the same soil for generations, who can talk to you about a potato with love in his eyes, shaking his spade with his calloused hands. Therefore, we avoid large monocultures, organic industrialization and off ground culture.

We are only two at the moment and we have to manage everything, from visiting the producers to handling each product with care.

Our week is pretty busy since we discuss with each producer at the beginning of the week to know what's available, we transfer the orders on Wednesday, we collect the products in the surroundings on Thursday. So that on Friday morning we just have to prepare the baskets before driving to each delivery point.

We also deliver fine-dining restaurants through Bauer-Direkt.

The products we offer, especially fruits and vegetables, are seasonal products that grow in the open ground, with no or few additives and are therefore sensitive to the weather and to all sorts of uncontrollable phenomena. Sometimes, a hail shower, a late summer, or a too watered evening of one of our producers push us to adapt our basket in order to propose the best of what mother nature decided to offer us.

Very simply, we spot small scale farmers around Berlin, we visit them, we bite into their products and if their products are as tasteful as they are friendly, we propose them to you!

Our criteria :

  • Product must be tasteful! A tomato has to taste like a tomato, not water!
  • The producer is working with respect for nature and his co-workers. He must have love in his eyes.
  • Ingredients are grown locally

Most of the price goes to the one who put the most effort in it: the producer. 


We don't negotiate prices, this is the producer who decide how much he wants for his products. 

We try to simplify our logistics and operating costs as much as possible by not having any intermediaries, by working directly with the farmers and by working just-in-time. This way the fruit and vegetables are extra fresh and we limit storage and travel as much as possible. And your money really goes on the fruits and vegetables.


In average the end price distribution look like this: 
55% -> producer
15% -> logistic
30% -> Bauer-Zuhaus, taxes, website and divers.


It ain't much, but it's honest work 😘

Any questions?

“I like bread, pâté, sausages more than speed limits”

J. Chirac


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