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Frische Kappen

Frische Kappen

Frische Kappen was founded by 2 mushroom enthusiasts: Andreas Kirbach & Manuel Gross. Their passion for these special inhabitants of forests and meadows goes back to their childhood. Finding mushrooms while walking in nature was and still is a source of joy for both of them. After years of successfully experimenting with the cultivation of …

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We, the Lange family, come from the sunny south of Brandenburg.We are based in Osteroda near Herzberg/Elster. In continuation of the family tradition, we have expanded and specialised in poultry farming as a supplement to the existing agricultural business, especially in the area of fattening and wild poultry. Since the turn of the year 2016/2017, …

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Obstbau Riedel

Obstbau Riedel is a friendly family business from Werder (Havel). It is an integrated and controlled fruit-growing company, which stands for quality, health and freshness of fruit. They are happy to give customers comprehensive advice with every purchase. They produce a wide range of fresh, quality fruit and vegetables. Obstbau Riedel grows apples, apricots, pears, …

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Senfmanufaktur H. Koals

Production  In their mustard factory in the middle of the Spreewald  fresh products are processed from the region. Since 1946, spicy Spreewald specialties have been created according to old and new recipes with a lot of love and manual work. They traditionally use natural, not de-oiled mustard seeds.   Thus, the mustard produced still contains all the essential oils that underline its healing and digestive stimulating effect.  Ingredients  Mustard …

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Kanow Mühle

During the 13th century, in an idyllic forest near to the Dahme, in the small Wendish village of Sagritz, there was a watermill called “Sagritzer Mühle”. Then, the mill changed its name to “Wuschack-Mühle”, a term in the Wendish language. In 1815, Karl Christian Kanow bought the mill and it became the Kanow-Mühle of Sagritz. …

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